WMHS Class of 2021

Awards night full of memories, encouragement

Thu, 06/10/2021 - 7:00am

    As they received awards Wednesday night, June 9, graduation eve, teacher Ralph Keyes told Wiscasset Middle High School seniors, when they are pursuing what they want to do, also do something else.

    He said he has thought back on the opportunities he had in college, including the things he did and wished he had done. “So, go for it.”

    For example, based on the game play he saw while refereeing winter carnival floor hockey last year, he said Gwen Webber should join Bowdoin College’s lunchtime puck and stick sessions on the ice rink when she attends the Brunswick college.

    “You should be out there,” he told her. “And all of you should find something like that to do. Congratulations, I’m very proud of you all.”

    Teacher Marija Randall said Gabrielle Leavitt, Matthew Eckert and Kyle Ricker brought the math team to “a new level” with their hard work. “(They) came in before basketball practice, came in before their student council, came in before work, had a lot of other things going on in their life, but were dedicated to the team. And I am going to really miss them,” she added.

    Deb Pooler said she has been the school’s virtual high school site coordinator for 15 years. “This was before Zoom, COVID and remote learning became a big part of our lives ... We’ve come full circle, so that all of our kids here now know how to work online and to pace themselves and to keep up with their work,” as students taking the sometimes “super difficult” virtual courses have done all along, she said. She recognized Zoe Waltz for earning an A+ in psychology 1.

    Lily Yeaton practiced and practiced not moving until she could do it for 20 minutes, Jean Phillips recalled about the Drama Club member and “Best Darn Tree” award winner. Phillips said Yeaton drew a gasp from the audience when her character was revealed after she had remained still throughout the play.

    Principal Charles Lomonte told awards night attendees, the school has never had as many top scholars as this year; nine students had the 3.5 grade point average or higher to earn the honor. Usually, about two to five do, he said. “So we’re really proud of this particular class.”

    Audience member and incoming WMHS junior Chloe Smiley, 15, told Wiscasset Newspaper, the day had been emotional watching her older sister and schoolmate, Kailey Smiley, prepare to graduate. “We’ve shared everything together and gotten through everything together,” she said. “I’m feeling really proud of her.” So were their parents, Shirley and David Smiley. “I’m excited (for graduation) and it’s also a little sad” for Kailey’s high school years to be done, Shirley said.

    In the ceremony, the school unveiled artist and staff member Tony Goulette’s wolverine mascot sculpture made of wood from a fallen tree on Jeff Speed’s property.