Awning construction begins April 8 at Watson Center

Patient entrance shifts during the project, which is expected to last three months
Mon, 03/25/2024 - 8:30am

    Soon, patients and visitors to the Watson Health Center on the Miles Campus will be sheltered from the elements when entering or exiting the building for an appointment.

    Hebert Construction will begin building a new awning on April 8, which will cause the front entrance and part of the current drop-off area to be enclosed in fencing. The patient entrance will be to the right of the main entrance, and new signage will guide patients along their way. There will also be a designated drop-off area for patients who use a wheelchair.

    “The awning provides our patients with additional safety and comfort, and it has been a long time in coming,” said Cindy Wade, RN, MHA, LincolnHealth president. “We recognize that navigating the building will be different, and we ask our patients and visitors to follow the signs to reach their destination.” Wade said it is a good idea for patients to plan an early arrival to have extra time to get to their appointments.

    Only a few patient parking spaces will be unavailable during this project, Wade said. All will return once the awning is completed. “I appreciate your patience during the three months of construction, and I hope the inconvenience will be minimal,’’ she said.