Boothbay Harbor gets a Trump boat parade

Tue, 09/22/2020 - 8:15am

    Lobstermen and powerboaters rallied for President Donald Trump in Boothbay Harbor’s second boat parade Sept. 19. Around 60 vessels got in line for several passes around Tumbler Island and around the outer harbor, topping the first rally of nearly two dozen boats. Maine Women for Trump held that one Sept. 6.

    Parade organizer Mark Brewer said his inspiration came after watching Swans Island lobsterman Jason Joyce speak at the Republican National Convention last month. Brewer said Trump has shown support for the Maine industry in a way not seen before. Brewer said it is remarkable considering the small number of votes it represents. “It just shows me that he does care about the little guy. Honestly, I think in my 49 years, I don't think a president's ever even recognized the Maine lobstermen much less do anything for them – and he's not doing it for the votes.”

    From playing hardball with Canadian and Chinese companies to tariff battles with China and the European Union, Trump has been there for Maine fishermen, said Brewer. So lobstermen were the foundation of the parade. “It wasn’t Clearwater or Miami Beach … but we just wanted to show our appreciation for the president acknowledging us. It’s quite flattering, you know.”

    Longtime Ocean Point resident Ted Fuller said the parade was sensational and like nothing Boothbay Harbor has ever seen. “It was great coming together, a lot of people that feel strongly about having a democratic society, a capitalist society as opposed to a socialist society. That's the big issue in my opinion.”

    Said Brewer, “For the time of year, it was a good turnout and I'm glad that we did it. Hopefully the president and his administration will recognize that we do appreciate what he's done for us and is doing for us.”