Boothbay Region Y-Arts delights in ‘Xanadu JR’

Sun, 01/15/2023 - 11:00am
A love story involving a Greek Muse who comes to life out of a mural and a down on his luck artist in 1980s Venice Beach, California: That’s the premise of “Xanadu JR.” performed by Boothbay Region Y-Arts performers at Lincoln Theater Friday and Saturday, Jan. 13 and 14.
Kira (played by Sophia Michaud) aka Greek Muse Clio, works hard to inspire Sonny Malone (Spencer Pottle) to fulfill his dream of opening a roller disco. Meanwhile, Kira’s two Muse sisters, Melpomene (Sofia Mansfield) and Calliope (Natalie Flagg) concoct a plan to curse Kira so she falls in love with Sonny, a mortal, which is forbidden.
Sonny and Kira meet with the owner of the building, Danny (Andrew Minzer) where he wants to open the roller disco. A kind-of love triangle forms when Kira reminds Danny of someone he met long ago. 
Other players who performed as Muses included Rory Vaudreuil as Erato, Imij Armstead as Euterpe, Gigi Blake as Polyhymnia, Jojo Shea as Terpsichore, Maya Jacobs as Thalia and Allison Smart at Urania.
Other cast members included Finn Sullivan, Kayla Watts, Sloan Nelson, Ford Harris, Corinne Rogers, Lucie Holton, Jeffry Buck, Josee Winston-Feder, Jackie Branch, Collin Cantillo, Fiona Bishop and Jessie Ullo. Director was Emily Mirabile.
The music was composed by Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra (“Evil Woman.” “Strange Magic, “All Over the World” and John Farrar (“Magic” and “Have You Never Been Mellow”). The play was adapted and based on Universal Pictures' movie of the same title, which starred Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly.