letter to the editor

Bridges of unity: Love of life always before hate

Mon, 01/28/2019 - 4:00pm

Dear Editor:

The solution to border walls of shame remains in the evil vs. evil category whenever words of fear and hate are used to convince someone with a different perspective. 2016 was the beginning of evil being the criteria for many votes based on the least of evil instead of the best of love for our country. 

Candidates are not presumed best fit for the job based on their party. They are best fit based on skills and knowledge of what it means to represent another person when working to solve problems. They are best fit when their eyes are on the people and their hearts see the needs that must be met. They are best fit when their job was not about themselves, but was about the lives of millions.

For me it begins with the knowledge of two major facts in life. One, there is a God, and two, it is not me, nor any other human on the planet. Since we only know what candidates and leaders tell us, including when they “change their statements” it is a stretch to say that leadership’s personal “behavior is immoral and nakedly self-serving” unless you are God. Both sides of the aisle have consistently stated they value and seek the best border security possible. Best possible includes lowest price and most effective and efficient methods. Walls like the Berlin, Germany wall divide people, have high costs in building and maintenance (trillions) as well as cause death of family members (hundreds).

No one has the power to make another person look bad. Looking bad is what we do to ourselves or is the result of unkind people not seeing God’s love in the worst of us.

Building bridges brings people together for the greater good. When Germany’s “wall of shame” was torn down, it was replaced by a river and a bridge as a symbol of Berlin's new unity of love and life. 

Love of life always before hate. We are grateful employees are treated with respect again. Life requires love for healing wounds, so let’s find the bridges that hold love for all.

Jarryl Larson