BRLT bids farewell to Michael Warren

Tue, 04/28/2020 - 8:30am

    It is with deep gratitude for his years of outstanding service that Boothbay Region Land Trust (BRLT) announces the retirement of Land Manager Michael Warren at the end of May. Michael joined the land trust in 2013 as the culmination of a long career in outdoor recreation. His skills were already finely honed when he came to BRLT as an accomplished wilderness, hunting and fishing guide, as well as a sports camp owner with 30 years of experience working in the Maine woods.

    A true outdoorsman, Michael jumped right into his work with the land trust, maintaining over 30 miles of hiking trails with dedication and vision. Beyond his own broad knowledge, Michael recognized the need for a variety of experts to sustain the diverse and extensive public lands under BRLT management. During his tenure, Michael helped to build the current team of stewardship volunteers, roughly 75 people strong, to assist in a wide range of tasks from trail maintenance, to apple tree restoration, chain-saw work and much, much more! Michael has also been instrumental in organizing BRLT’s current stewardship committee—a passionate group of experts who are guiding the long-term management and conservation of BRLT lands.

    Michael will be greatly missed by those who have worked closely with him. The following sentiments express the wide-ranging impacts he has had in developing stewardship programs and maintaining BRLT’s public lands over the past seven years:

    “When Michael applied for the Lands Manager position, he included the following in his resume: ‘Objectives: to promote and enhance BRLT’s mission through stewardship and outreach; to manage and enhance BRLT’s portfolio of conservation land through sustainable and creative solutions to public use and natural succession issues; to develop and engage a volunteer corps to leverage the limited time afforded by this part-time position.’ I think it’s safe to say, objectives accomplished! We wish Michael all of the best in his retirement and thank him for his years of stewardship of our public lands.” – Nick Ullo, executive director

    “It has been such a pleasure to get to know Michael. In his tenure with BRLT, Michael has truly transformed the lands management program. I am stunned by how much Michael and his band of dedicated, capable volunteers were able to accomplish. The tasks kept piling up, and while those got taken care of, Michael always kept his focus on the bigger picture. His dedication to lands stewardship, his amazing skill set, and his good humor will be greatly missed.” – Sue Mello, stewardship committee chair

    “One of the great things in working with Michael is the relationship he and I developed. We quickly grew to know each other, and he entrusted me to develop, design and construct various projects for our preserves. I sincerely want to thank him for our all-too-brief time working together.” – Cyrus Lauriat, volunteer

    “Working with Michael over the past three years has been a genuine pleasure. His guidance, mentorship, and patience with an ‘old guy from Florida’ was deeply appreciated. His devotion to the goals of the land trust was inspiring and made this volunteer (and others) always want to perform ‘above & beyond.’ I’m especially glad that he’s going to remain close to the land trust as a fellow volunteer!” – Stan Wakefield, volunteer

    “I have worked with Michael on Damariscove and other marine related elements of BRLT since he started in his position. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute of it. He has been effective in getting people and materials together to complete projects large and small. It has been a pleasure to know him and work with him. I consider him like a brother. I am sorry to see this end, but wish him all the best in his future.” – Gerry Gamage, volunteer

    “Michael has been the staff anchor, or in apple tree lingo, the root of the Apple Corps. His cheerful, obliging demeanor coupled with his practical knowledge and dependability enabled the Apple Corps to tackle the revitalization and preservation of the Oak Point Farm Orchard and to work on apple trees at other preserves.” – Ron Ross, Apple Corps coordinator and board member

    “Michael Warren—the standard to which all other land stewards are held. A man of vision, focus and commitment. He is the type of land steward who could be building a wooden bridge over a stream one minute, and the next taking a major donor on a tour with a history lesson of the preserve. Michael knows the value of volunteers and volunteerism. The chainsaw safety courses he initiated were beneficial to me personally as well as to the overall organization. His vision for land management will help sustain the preserves for years to come. He will be missed.” – John Elwell, volunteer

    If you see Michael on the trails in the coming month, please extend your thanks. We at BRLT will sorely miss his incredible work ethic and commitment to our public lands. We look forward to welcoming him back as a volunteer and wish him all of the best in his retirement.