Dog day of winter

Fri, 02/25/2022 - 12:30pm

Silky terrier Bodhi, corgi-Jack Russell Raji and their fellow rescue, hound-cross Shantih, had on sweaters Feb. 24 as they sat for treats and rolled around during the Straus family’s midday walk through Wiscasset village. Temperatures were in the 20s, about 40F colder than on Feb. 23. And the Feb. 24 forecast called for several inches of snow to cover the bare earth the dogs and their people were walking on the Wiscasset Public Library grounds where Wiscasset Newspaper met them.

“Global warming exists,” said Franche Straus, newly moved from Westchester, New York to the Lee Street home that served for years as Highnote Bed & Breakfast.

The week’s weather roller coaster was “crazy,” husband Bill Straus said, smiling in the sun. He held Raji’s leash as the dog sat awaiting a treat from Franche, Bodhi’s leash in her other hand. 

“What a bunch of good dogs, having a party,” observed the couple’s son Sebastian Gillen, with Shantih.