Early risers shop Wiscasset

Posted:  Sunday, November 12, 2017 - 8:30am

At last year’s Wiscasset Early Riser sale, Elsie Freeman missed out on a faux Christmas tree she said had just sold out at BIRCH on Main Street. Not so, on Saturday. The Boothbay woman was back and got her tree.

She wasn’t sure how she would store it, however. It folds, store co-owner Greg Uthoff told her. Freeman, a Wiscasset Early Riser shopper of three or four years, said she likes BIRCH for its unique, attractive accessories. On Saturday, Nov. 18, she plans to be shopping early again, closer to home. She and granddaughter Ella Freeman will be making the rounds in their PJ’s for Boothbay’s Early Bird sale.

“She’s 7, but she’s an old early bird,” Freeman said, smiling as she headed back into the below-freezing morning.

Uthoff had wondered if the chilly weather might impact turnout, but it didn’t appear to, he said. Shopper Nancy Roby, smiling, said, “Oh, is it cold out this morning?”

BIRCH, in its second year open, was taking part in its second Early Riser. As a shop owner, it’s a rush, Uthoff said. “And it’s nice to give the locals a fun shopping experience that rewards them for their loyalty throughout the year,” he said. 

Wiscasset’s Sandra Shea found candles at BIRCH and other Christmas presents and decorations at DebraElizabeth’s, Moulinette, In the Clover and Rock Paper Scissors. She loves Wiscasset’s shops and the spirit of the event, she said. She hadn’t had breakfast yet. It was too early for that, she said.

Fellow Wiscasset resident Kristen Whitmore was shopping on coffee and a banana. “But I’ll hit Treats on the way back to bring home the goodies.” She was shopping the Early Riser to support local business and because she loves the shops, she said.

Rebecca Clerkin likes Wiscasset’s shops so much, she came to town for the Early Riser from home in Dover, New Hampshire. Seated next to her at Treats, friend Stephanie Retrosi, also of Dover, was having an egg and cheese sandwich and chatting with Wiscasset Police Sgt. Craig Worster, who’d stopped in during his downtown foot patrol.

As in past Early Risers, Debra Elizabeth’s owner Pat Schaffer started the morning with a deeper discount for the pajama-clad. One of the funnest set of PJ’s was covered in polka dots, she said.

Dresden’s Michelle Ramsay, a first-timer at the Wiscasset Early Riser, told In the Clover sales associate Daphne White she had just been to Rock Paper Scissors. “I was thrilled. I loved everything in there,” Ramsay said. 

A friend told Ramsey about Saturday’s event and she decided to try it. Like others interviewed, Ramsey said she’s a morning person. “And it’s great to have a sale. I'm not really into Black Friday,” she added.

In the Clover owner Kasey McNamara said sales that morning had been non-stop. ”I think it’s going to continue to be a strong season,” she said.

Businesses taking part Saturday included Ames True Value Supply, Big Al’s Super Values, Big Al’s Fireworks Outlet, BIRCH, Carl M.P. Larrabee Insurance, Debra Elizabeth’s, In the Clover, The Maine Real Estate Network, Miss Wiscasset Diner, Moulinette, Rock Paper Scissors, Sarah’s, Treats, and Peapod Jewelry in Edgecomb.

Inside Ames, First Congregational Church of Wiscasset UCC was offering veterans and their families free baked goods Veteran’s Day morning. Pastor Josh Fitterling expressed thanks for Ames’ providing the space and, he added, for all the support the business gives the community all year.