Eric Traphagen

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 10:30am

Eric Traphagen, 79, formerly of Boothbay, Maine passed on to his next life on July 30, 2019, his 31st wedding anniversary.

Eric was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania. He finished the last two years of high school at Staunton Military Academy in Virginia, then received a bachelor of arts degree from Oberlin College in Ohio, majoring in political science.

Eric spent the beginning of his career in a few white collar jobs, the favorite one as an advertising executive at Polaroid in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he was able to travel to Australia and the Far East. At that time he lived in Marblehead and Groton, Massachusetts. However, Eric was never comfortable in a suit and he left the corporate world. He spent a year in a Buddhist monastery in California, then homesteaded in Nova Scotia. Following this, he arrived in Newburyport, Massachusetts in the mid-1970s during its redevelopment wearing a hammer holster and having a desire to work with his hands. He found his art and passion, becoming a master woodworker.

In 1996 Eric moved to Boothbay and built a woodworking shop in his barn at his home on Sawyer’s Island. He continued to do what he loved, primarily custom finish carpentry and designing and building furniture.

Eric was an avid boater and always had at least one boat on his dock and mooring. He and his wife took many long sailing trips anywhere between Nova Scotia and the Leeward Islands. After his last two-year boating trip, he settled in Stuart, Florida for his final 3 1/2 years. He spent this time more avidly reading about nautical exploration and American history, and enjoying winter visits from family and long time friends. He was very content.

He died unexpectedly while getting ready for bed, after cooking a dinner that he announced to his wife he was very proud of. He never suffered, for which we all were very grateful. His final words were “I had a great day!”

Eric is survived by his wife Brigit Britton who already misses him very very much; his brother and sister-in-law, Michael and Dianne Traphagen of Asheville, North Carolina; his sister, Susan Hanley and her family of Newport News, Virginia; his sister-in-law Kelley Garry of East Hampstead, New Hampshire and her long time companion Michael Shea; many nieces and nephews, and many long time and new friends from all over.

There will be no services at this time.