Fireworks, parade through town part of WMHS graduation June 11

Tue, 05/05/2020 - 11:30am

    A week after announcing an outdoor graduation June 11, Wiscasset Middle High School on Tuesday announced the following details:  

    Where: WMHS Upper Parking Lot
    When: June 11, 2020 7-9 p.m.

    All aspects of the ceremony will be live-streamed, and filmed.

    *(50 person max rule – If the governor allows us to march in using social distancing from the parking lot by cafeteria doors. Using the recommended 12-foot by 15-foot guidelines to ensure safe distances.) Graduates would march to the assigned vehicle spot and stand during the ceremony. If the governor does not change the rule, students will march in a complete 15-foot distance around the inner presentation area the full circumference to their original vehicle.
    “Pomp and Circumstance” graduation song will be played for both scenarios, so there will be a march component.

    *Reminder-50-person guideline is total 50 people, which would allow five people other than graduates in the same area if not using the drive-in style in vehicles. To allow graduates’ families to attend, they must be in vehicles.

    *As not every graduate’s family has access to the technology to witness live streams, the drive-in style allows them to witness live.

    *All graduates’ immediate family in vehicle in the allotted spaces observing social distancing.
    During the ceremony, students will stand in front of vehicles.

    *Graduates’ names will be called individually, Mr. Lomonte will present diplomas (disinfected, practicing social distancing from a sterilized cart) to each student.

    *Senior speeches (by students if they choose)

    *At the conclusion of the ceremony, announce “Congratulations Class of 2020!” (Drone picture of graduates throwing hats in the air!)

    *Students and family join a car parade through the town. Fire Department and Police will escort. Vehicles from the community will be lined on the roadways (according to accepted social distancing) to celebrate the seniors. Spectators along the parade route are encouraged to be in vehicles. All vehicles will have a sign on the car identifying which senior.

    *Parade will conclude at the WMHS lower parking lot where graduates will stay in the car for a wonderful fireworks display! (Again, practicing appropriate social distancing.)

    *A party pack will be provided to every senior family so they may enjoy the treats with their families!

    *Teachers are welcome to attend and will have designated parking spaces, practicing the same social distancing measures, as all others.

    *To maintain the current guidelines, ensure the safest procedures, and be equitable for all concerned, these measures will be employed to allow a great celebration!