letter to the editor

Hawke will work for all

Mon, 10/19/2020 - 8:15pm

    Dear Editor:

    When Stephanie Hawke was very young she was strongly passionate about helping people and animals. As she grew up those qualities blossomed and were joined by common sense and good judgment.

    When she served in the House, Steph was admired and respected by her constituents and fellow legislators. Many, many times I heard her carefully explain the often ignored (but critical) details of pending legislation. When her constituents understood what was involved, they understood the reasoning in her votes.

    Like many of us, Steph is concerned about the fiscal responsibility (or lack thereof!) of our current administration, She has pledged to stop the erosion of our state’s finances, and bring good old-fashioned sensible budgeting back to Augusta. She is also strongly committed to protecting our lobster fishery and all of our marine industries.

    Steph’s phone still rings constantly. She always finds time to listen and she always finds energy to help. If she can’t solve a problem personally she provides the link to someone who can.

    Steph puts her heart and soul into making the right decisions for all Mainers.

    Send her back to Augusta. She’ll work for all of us!

    Sarah Giles

    AKA Mammy

    Boothbay Harbor