Hearty Roots granted multi-year support from Point32Health Foundation

Thu, 01/18/2024 - 10:00am

Hearty Roots knows nature is therapeutic. It helps us restore. Revitalize. Connect. Recently, the organization’s efforts to strengthen youth mental wellness through outdoor adventure was awarded a two-year grant from Point32Health Foundation for $20,000 annually. “This support is significant for our local organization because it’s the first grant investment from a foundation aligned with the mainstream healthcare industry,” said Shannon M. Parker, Development Steward for Hearty Roots. “We’re thrilled this innovative foundation—one based on relationship building and stewardship—has recognized the pioneering work Hearty Roots is doing for individual and intergenerational mental wellness,” Parker added. 

In 2017, Hearty Roots began as a purposefully-portable, after-school outdoor adventure program focused on introducing kids to local preserves to help bolster social emotional wellness and mindfulness. Today, their award-winning programing has taken root in school systems in Lincoln and Knox Counties, where their offerings get kids outside to strengthen their resilience within the classroom and peer situations. Hearty Roots now provides community offerings, group outings, and one-with-one outings for youth, year-round. The organization is female-led and boasts a vibrant board dedicated to the mission of integrated wellness. “There is truly no health without mental health,” said Leah Bauer, MD, local psychiatrist and Hearty Roots board member. “The best way to achieve mental health is through preventative strategies like building resilience and promoting positive childhood experiences. The Point32Health Foundation really gets that, and we are so thrilled about their support,” Bauer added.  

Nora Moreno Cargie, president of Point32Health Foundation and vice president for corporate citizenship at Point32Health spoke of the grants awarded: “Leaning on the leadership, expertise and power present in our communities is essential to creating positive change. These grants offer nonprofit organizations flexibility to implement long-term, sustainable, community-led solutions to eliminate inequalities.”  

Hearty Roots was honored to accept the multi-year grant award from an organization dedicated to service and giving, advocating for increased access to health for all. For more information on upcoming events, Hearty Roots year-round programming, summer offerings for youth, teen retreats, in-school offerings, adult saunters, supporting the organization, or sponsoring a child’s hearty adventure through scholarship, visit heartyroots.org. The team at Hearty Roots can’t wait to join you in Maine’s wild, where journeys overlap.