Learning hydroponic growing at WES

Tue, 03/26/2024 - 8:00am
Since November, students in grades three through five have been delighted to share a hydroponic growing system. Funds from a Maine Agriculture in the Classroom grant purchased the hydroponic growing system. Over the last four months, they have experienced the joys and challenges of starting seeds. Students in Becky Hallowell’s class used mountain mint leaves to practice collecting data and measuring to the nearest quarter inch.
Recently, Shelby Gove’s third grade class harvested the mountain mint and prepared it to be dehydrated and stored until enough mint was ready for all the students to enjoy a cup of mint tea.
A hall meeting was called so all the third through fifth grade students could sample the romaine lettuces that have been flourishing under the students’ watchful eye. As spring approaches, the students will select seeds to start in the hydroponic growing system and then plant in the gardens outside. Wiscasset Elementary School students are grateful for the Maine Agriculture in the Classroom grant and they look forward to learning more about growing from seeds in the months to come.