Lincoln County property transfers in March

Sun, 04/03/2022 - 8:30am

    Lincoln County Registry of Deeds provided the following information on property transfers recorded in March:

    Alna: Cheney, Stephanie T. and Cheney, Jesse M. to Compher, Kevin and Widing, Jessica; Albee, Judith A. to Albee, Carole S. and Daigle, Carol A.

    Boothbay: Mccrea, Stephen M. and Schryer, Mellisa M. to Allen, Hilary Gwynne; Jacobson, Joanne M. P R and Jacobson, Robert T. Est to Jacobson, Joanne M.; Grady, Jeffrey A. to Reardon, Maura A. and Reardon, Joseph J.; Brewer, Heather Marie Larkin and Rice, Holly Sigrid Larkin to Larkinsisu LLC;  Ocean Point Inn to East Boothbay Bluebird Holdings LLC; Loonie, Jamey and Loonie, Mary to Loonie, Jamey; Reilly, J. Kevin to Gregory, Dorothy A.; Escoll, Andrew to Snider, Tina S. Tr, Tina Snider Revocable Trust and Snider, Tina Revocable Trust; Snider, Tina S. Tr, Tina Snider Revocable Trust and Snider, Tina Revocable Cope, David G. and Cope, Laurie M.; Snider, Tina S. and Snider, Tina M. to Snider, Tina S. Tr, Tina Snider Revocable Trust and Snider, Tina Revocable Trust; Franco, Bradley and Franco, Elizabeth to Franco, Gregg; Leonard, Janet Karen and Leonard, Janet J. to Johnson, Scott A. and Johnson, Laura J.; Salter, Eben D. and Salter, Teresa R. to Salter, Eben D. Tr, Salter, Teresa R. Tr and Salter Family Trust Agreement; Thumith, Penelope M. to Campbell, Jacquelyn R. and Thumith, Kenward T. II; Pike, Robert W. and Pike, William D. to Campbell, Ronnie and Campbell, Jaime; Sommermann, Scott Tr and Escoll, Family 1998 Trust to Callahan, William E. Jr. and Callahan, Donna; McConnell, Michael A. and McConnell, Karen S. to McConnell, Ian and Brennan, Laura A.; Westphal, David H. and Westphal, Loretta to David and Loretta Westphal Revocable Trust, Westphal, David and Loretta Revocable Trust and Westphal, Loretta Tr; Zarpentine, Dane N. Tr, Zarpentine, Drew S. Tr, Lee S. Zarpentine Credit Shelter Trust, Zarpentine, Lee S. Credit Shelter Trust, Barbara A. Zarpentine Trust, Zarpentine, Barbara A. Trust and Zarpentine, Drew A. Tr to Hutton, Christina B. and Schnure, Frederick William; Elliott, Richard W. to Elliott, Richard W. II and Elliott, Elisha J. S.

    Boothbay Harbor: Welch, James D. and Welch, James to Dietiker, Leslie and Jimenez, Laura; Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas Tr and Residential Accredit Loans Inc Mortgage Asset Backed Pass Through Certificates S. to Dexter, Luis Brigida; Pinkham, Michael A. P R and Pinkham, Estella F. Est to Pinkham, Michael A.; Dixon, William P. to Dixon, William P. Tr, William P. Dixon Revocable Living Trust and Dixon, William P. Revocable Living Trust; Hutchins, Jean P R, Hutchins, Virginia B. Est and Huchins, Virginia B. Est to Hutchins, Rebecca Jane Napoli; Boothbay Holdings LLC to Big Rib VIII LLC; Pramas, Ellen N. to Pramas, Ellen N. Tr, Ellen Pramas Realty Trust and Pramas, Ellen Realty Trust; Hammond, Leslie and Coll, Leslie H. to Lenhardt, Holly E. Tr, Lenhardt, Holly E. 2010 Revocable Trust and Holly E. Lenhardt 2010 Revocable Trust; Hutchins, Jean P R and Hutchins, Virginia B. Est to Hutchins, Rebecca Jane Napoli and Merrifield, Sally H.; Ginn, Adah P. P R and Ginn, Herbert E. Est to Ginn, Adah P. Tr, Herbert E. Ginn Irrev Trust, Ginn, Herbert E. Irrev Trust, Herbert E. Ginn 1984 Revocable Trust and Ginn Herbert E. 1984 Revocable Trust; Bradley, Sue E. to Whitten, Robin F. and Whitten, G. Robinson; Holly, William C. to Holly, Emily Anne D. Tr, Holly, William C. Tr and Holly Family Qualified Personal Residence Trust; Bridges, Richard E. Adm and Dilts, Frances J. Est to Windrose Development LLC; Peaslee, Kristi L. Poole, Poole, Peaslee Kristi L. and Poole, Kristi L. to Peaslee, Kristi L. Poole, Poole, Peaslee Kristi L. and Peaslee, Joel F.

    Edgecomb: JM Development LLC to Ivers, John, Ivers, Leigh, Ivers, Cameron and Ivers, Emily; Green, Robert D., Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas Tr and Residential Accredit Loans Inc Mortgage Asset Backed Pass Through Certificates 2 to Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas Tr and Residential Accredit Loans Inc. Mortgage Asset Backed Pass Through Certificates 2; Davison, Peter A. P R and Davison, Shirley Ann Est to Carmolli, Darlene D. and Davison, Kenneth; Gray, Richard E. to Sieracki, Margaret J. Stiassni, Stiassni, Sieracki Margaret J. and Sieracki, Christian K.; Darden, Janice and Darden, Janice Marie to Darden, Janice Tr, Janice Marie Darden Living Trust and Darden, Janice Marie Living Trust; Rioux, Jonathan B.  to Mikkelsen, Kirk J. and Imhof, Lenore M.; Heafitz, Lewis and Heafitz, Ina B. to Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens Inc.; Griffin, Sandra R. to Price, Kenny Darien; West, Dwayne A. and West, Angela R. to Rhodes, Air; Gandy, Leeroy A. and Gandy, Dorothy L. to Richardson, Teri L. Gandy.

    Southport: Nivison, David G. and Nivison, James N. to Nivison, Helen T. and McCoy, Louise; Hincks, Marcia L. to Callahan Mouse LLC and Kontor Mouse LLC; Cooke, Torrey M. Tr, Millar, James J. Tr, John P. Cooke Disclaimer Trust and Cooke, John P. Disclaimer Trust to Kontor Mouse LLC and Callahan Mouse LLC; Swingbridge Partners LLC to Pratt, Cathy L.; Charles, Steven E. and Stewart, Sally Ann to Burchard, Thomas Herring III and Burchard, Jacqueline O'Hotto;  U S Bank N A Tr, Michael Howett Revocable Trust and Howett, Michael Revocable Trust to Cabot, Rogers W. Jr. and Cabot, Jennifer; Blois, John K. to Blois, John K.; Blois, Christopher and Blois, Nathaniel; Pernell, John C. Jr. to Blair Road LLC.

    Westport Island: Sewall, Philip R., Sewall, Carla Erickson and Erickson, Sewall Carla to Kerry, Michael; Wiles, James E. IV to Wiles, James E. IV and Thibodeau, April; Strutton, Elizabeth P R and Cray, Albert M. Jr. Est to Cray, Ryan; Dillon, Sally A. Tr and Dillon Family Revocable Trust to Moss, Catherine L. H. Tr, Dillon, Christopher H. Tr and Dillon Family Nominee Trust; Forbes, Edythe P. and Perkins, Edythe P. to Forbes, Edythe P.; Chartier, Michelle to Griffin, Jacob and Lallier, Chelsea A.; Arsenault, Ann and Arsenault, Stephen to Martinez, Rafael and Martinez, Rebeca; Cody, Richard J. Tr, Cody, Donna M. Tr and Richard J. and Donna M. Cody Joint Revocable Trust to Sweeney, Stephen A. and Gasparich, Christina M.; Dow, Donald .F and Dow, Myrna L. to Dow, Denise L. and Mara, Karen L.; Taylor, Susan to Plevock, Kimberly A. and Firth, James R.; Greenleaf, Walter Eben Jr. and Greenleaf, Roberta C. to Hodgdon, Dedee Greenleaf and Hodgdon, Troy H.; Stires, Susan E. and Stires, A. Mckinne to Kennebec Estuary Land Trust.

    Wiscasset: Neperud, Sandra, Neprud, Eric and Neperud, Eric to Wiscasset Woods Realty Trust and Romano, Joseph J. Tr; Hudson, Lilia P. to Hudson, Lilia P. and Hudson, Michael Lee; Next Gen Retail LLC to Gajanan LLC; Maplewood 970 LLC to LTV Wiscasset LLC; Fernandez, Nicolas to Kuhn, Donald L. and Kuhn, Julie M.; Ballard, Kevin D. and Ballard, Emily G. to Lucas, Jonathan G. and Brownstein, Alisah S.; Cowan, Robert T., Cowan, Michelle L. Schukay and Schukay, Cowan Michelle L. to Hallmark Homes Corp; Iacono, Mary and Iacono, Robert to Iacono, Robert; Rand, Benjamin J. to Cheney, Julie S.; Cheney, Julie S. to Barter, Diane L.; Harris, Cynthia A. and Harris, Cynthia Ann to Harris, Cynthia A; HSBC Bank USA National Association Tr,  Option One Mortgage Loan Trust 2007-Hl1 Asset Backed Certificates Series 2007-Hl, Lucas, Michael E. and Lucas, Kelly L. to SBC Bank USA National Association Tr  and Option One Mortgage Loan Trust 2007-Hl1 Asset Backed Certificates Series 2007-Hl; Jarvis, Leah P. to King, Cathryn H. and King, Michael P.;  Iacono, Robert to Manteuffel, Elizabeth M., Iacono, David V., Iacono, Theresa J. and Iacono, Annie M.; Barnes, William W. to Barnes, Shawn M. and Barnes, Ridge W.; Stauff, Ruth R. to Komiega, Emily, Stauff, Ruth R. and Komiega, Frederick; Heavener, Christina A. and Heavener, Christine A. to Fairservice, Zane Carney.