Lincoln County Republicans host candidates Jan. 8

Mon, 01/10/2022 - 8:30am

    Lincoln County Republicans held their monthly meeting Jan. 8 to a full standing-room-only gathering at the Wiscasset Community Center. It was a busy and exciting meeting to kick off election year 2022 as candidates collected nomination signatures and visited with their constituents.

    A GOP representative, Linda Bostinto, spoke about election integrity efforts, the different processes used to ensure fair elections and training opportunities for those interested in staffing positions during the upcoming election.

    Ed Thelander, retired Navy Seal, and candidate for federal Congressional District DC-1, addressed the group on the status of his campaign and the many events he has done and planned around CD-1. He is concerned about our schools and about the priorities in education and believes we need to make changes to ensure we are keeping up with the rest of the world in training competent and capable young people. He is concerned about runaway spending, printing of money, and the resulting inflation. He is concerned about the priorities of the White House and Congress as both Russia and China grow more aggressive and seek to expand their economic and military power. He spent some time answering questions of voters in one-on-one conversations.

    Abdon Simmons, candidate for SD – 13, spoke of his personal work experiences in our struggling work environment and his concern for the area’s fishermen and lobstermen as their livelihood is being challenged by both the federal government and those who want to build a wind farm off our coast. He also spoke to education and, like Ed, would like to see trade schools train graduates for jobs such as electricians, plumbers, home heating and marine diesel mechanics.

    Lynn Madison, candidate for HD-45, introduced himself as an attorney living in Waldoboro.

    Tricia Warren, candidate for HD-48, also addressed the group. She has managed a restaurant and is concerned about the fragility of our recovery and the state’s spending priorities. She is also concerned about rising prices especially in energy as people struggle to heat and light their homes and drive their cars. In a common theme with the other candidates she would like to see a more traditional role in schools where they teach civic responsibility and the basics reading, writing, history and math.

    Richard Bradstreet, the always welcome and popular representative of HD-80, addressed the group of the current session just starting in Augusta. After being part of the minority party with Democrats in control of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and Governor’s office, he is looking forward to a more active role after the November elections.

    The business meeting authorized funds for our Lincoln Day event at the 1812 Farm and funded the 2022 Helen Weston Fund to provide scholarships to Lincoln County high school seniors. The scholarships are available to any senior wishing to attend an institute of higher learning including trade schools.