Live readings continue ‘Creditors’

Wed, 04/08/2020 - 8:00am

Social distancing limitations, juxtaposed with a desire to remain creative and connected, are providing the impetus for Heartwood’s new mini-series of play readings, streamed live to audiences each week during the month of April, with three performances this week, April 8-11.

This mini-series, the “Latent Theater Project,” takes its name from the definition of latency: "delay of data" – a metaphor for internet inconsistencies and the postponement of live theater performances.  Drawing from a variety of actors with whom the company has worked in the past, this series brings many familiar faces to audiences, who can tune in from home, using the Zoom platform.  Each of the five shows will be presented twice. 

The series began on April 4, with Arlene Hutton's “Last Train to Nibroc,” read by actors Stephen Shore and Helena Farhi.  A second performance will be available online at  7 p.m. on Friday, April 10. Local audience joined in, along with numerous people from across the country.  Despite the unique challenges of reading/acting to a laptop camera with one’s acting partner in another town or state, the performance was incredibly authentic and satisfying.

“Last Train to Nibroc,” a sweet romantic two-person play, was first produced by Heartwood in 2011.  Set in 1940, charming young flyer Raleigh meets bookish, missionary-to-be May, on an eastbound cross-country train. In three scenes set over a year or so, the two overcome their differences and find a way to begin their budding relationship.  Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service and author, Arlene Hutton. 

“Creditors,” by August Strindberg, will be live-online Wednesday, April 8 and Saturday, April 11, read by Joe Lugosch, Diana Jurand and Joseph Cote.  “Creditors” is a tightly woven, psychological three hander. This fabulous cast illuminates Strindberg's tragicomic approach to relationship, revenge and love. Deep, dark and thrilling to the last moment.

Remaining titles for April include: “As It Is in Heaven,” “Bloomsday” and “Shipwrecked!”  Descriptions, dates and details available on Heartwood’s website.

To reserve your “seat” for these free online readings, visit Heartwood’s website  No need to call or email, just follow the very simple instructions on the website to access the readings via Zoom.  

The doors of theaters are closed, the lights are down, but this is one way in which authors, audiences and actors can remain connected, sharing engaging performances of great theater.