Memorial benches staying put

Tue, 10/02/2012 - 9:00am

A pair of veterans' memorial benches will remain on the lawn of the Alna Meetinghouse. Alna Fire Chief Mike Trask has dropped his idea to move them south on Route 218 to the fire station.

Trask had figured the benches would get more use there, where more events are held and people could sit in the newly landscaped area.

However, former selectman Billie Willard opposed moving the benches. They're town-owned, in a serene setting on town property, she said. The town doesn't own the fire station.

Trask said Willard's published comments changed his mind about pursuing the move. “My feeling is, I didn't want to fight about it or argue with anyone over it,” he said.

Other beautification efforts at the station will continue. “It's a work in progress. We'll add some more bushes. Maybe someone will donate benches,” Trask said. “Eventually, it'll be a nice little spot for people.”

Willard said she has heard from veterans and others who supported her comments. She was happy to hear of Trask's decision. “I think it was very smart and honorable of him to do that,” she said.

The Coleland Transportation Museum in Bangor gave the town the benches. They were dedicated at the 1789 meetinghouse in 2008.