Platform overlooking Sheepscot River to open soon in Alna

Sat, 12/07/2019 - 8:45am

Here come the railings and bench for Head Tide Dam’s new overlook in Alna. And with their installation, underway through the week of Dec. 9, will come public access to the overlook, Atlantic Salmon Federation’s Maranda Nemeth said near the site Dec. 5.

She had just met with Sumco, the Massachusetts contractor that did most of the site’s months-long makeover. She said the snowstorm delayed Sumco’s plans to return Dec. 3. And when crew members started Dec. 4, they had snow to remove, she said in a followup email Dec. 6.

“The weather was a bit of an obstacle ... Of course it would be a bit easier on the crew if it was warmer but they are well equipped and experienced to complete the work under these conditions.”

The platform has been the only part of the site still off-limits since a dedication ceremony on Halloween. “Hopefully by next weekend (Dec. 14-15), people will be able to be on it,” Nemeth said, smiling.

The backless, metal bench is the same product used at Coopers Mills in Whitefield, Nemeth said. ASF and its partners removed a dam there last year. And as at Coopers Mills, the bench at Head Tide Dam will go in the center of the overlook, she said. “The fixtures have baseplates and will be drilled down, mounted then sealed off.”

The fence blocking access to the platform will be gone, and that ends the project, Nemeth said. The railings will go around the platform and continue along the new path to the Sheepscot River, she said.