Sen. Maxmin won’t seek re-election

Wed, 01/12/2022 - 11:15am
    I write today with bittersweet news. I have decided not to seek re-election to the State Senate for our beloved District 13 in 2022.
    Serving in the legislature for the past four years – the last two as your senator – has been the highest honor. Fighting for our community is the heart and soul of my life. Hearing your stories and representing your voices has changed who I am. I strive every day to fulfill the faith that you have placed in me.
    In 2020, we did more than campaign. We built a movement that was based on real relationships, listening, and respect. I have never taken that for granted. The choice not to run was a heavy one. I did not want to let you down. I never planned on this decision, and I want you to know that I am not abandoning you, our relationships, or our community.
    My goals in life all revolve around fighting for our community. I want to continue to build strengths and capabilities, all in the name of understanding how best to protect our home. At the same time, legislative life is very demanding. I take my responsibilities to you very seriously, and I’ve made it work for the past four years. But it’s more than a full-time job.
    The tough decision I’ve made is to take some time now away from daily legislative responsibilities in order to strengthen my ability to fight for Maine. To that end, I will be attending Maine Law to further my understanding of policy and law, putting me in a better position to make real change in support of friends and neighbors in Lincoln County and beyond. I am also starting a non-profit organization with my campaign manager, Canyon Woodward. Our work will focus on lifting up the voices of rural Mainers through grassroots organizing. My heart lies in building movements powered by and for people, and I am very excited for this next chapter. I’ll share more about the organization soon!
    In the meantime, I will serve District 13 with energy and pride until the end of 2022. I will still host Coffee with Chloe each month and be available to you each day, by phone and email. Most importantly, I still have multiple big bills – like the Pine Tree Amendment and expanding Maine’s Good Samaritan law – that I’m fighting for in Augusta.
    Lastly, I am excited to announce that there will be an amazing Democratic candidate running this year who is eager to earn your support. That announcement is coming soon as well!
    Please reach out with any questions. I am always happy to talk.
    All my very best,