State revises guidelines, now allowing up to 200 people for outdoor spectator events

Wed, 07/29/2020 - 11:15am

    AUGUSTA — The Maine Department of Economic and Community Development has announced up to 200 people are now allowed to gather for seated outdoor spectator events such as sports or concerts under a set of newly established guidelines. 

    Venues may divide seating into separate areas with up to 50 people each if:

    There is at least 14 feet of separation between sections, with physical barriers to prevent intermingling between sections

    There is enough space for six feet of separation between household groups within each section

    Household groups are considered up to 10 people

    Each section has access to separate restrooms, concessions, or other offered services, to prevent intermingling

    Sections have independent entrances and exits, or entrance and exit times are staggered so there is no overlap between sections

    There are no more than four separate seating sections