letter to the editor

Voting for Chloe Maxmin

Mon, 08/31/2020 - 3:45pm

    Dear Editor:

    Chloe Maxim is committed to a 100% positive campaign. The negativity of politics turns us all away at a moment when we need our leaders to be courageous enough to focus on how they will serve the public. Politics is
    intertwined with our lives — we cannot escape that reality. Chloe knows how politics works and how it can be improved to better our lives. Chloe has never been afraid to do the hard work it takes to get us there, with humility and dedication.

    I have served in the Legislature as a Republican and understand the kind of rooted values that create strong bipartisan politics. I know that Chloe will try to do that — in our community and in Augusta. To Chloe, this work is not about a party. It is about service through shared values, through listening, and  through mutual respect.

    For these reasons, vote for Chloe Maxmin on Nov. 3.

    Les Fossel