letter to the editor

We need Stephanie Hawke

Mon, 10/19/2020 - 7:30pm

    Dear Editor:

    Being a lobsterman for the last 45 years, I would ask you to support Stephanie Hawke for House Seat 89 in the Maine legislature. In my opinion, never during those years, has the Maine lobster business been in such jeopardy as it is now. The proof is found in several arenas. One is the new rules coming into effect to protect whales at the federal level. Another involves politicians, including our governor, and her green new deal coalition, who are advocating to industrialize the Gulf of Maine with offshore wind power by foreign energy corporations who will be competing for the same area that many lobstermen are currently fishing. Another concern is the new energy tax of .40/gallon on everything from heating your home, to driving your car or operating a lobster boat!

    The Maine lobster fishery is one of, if not the most, sustainable and successful fisheries in the world, with other states and countries using our conservation measures as models to use for their own fisheries. Regrettably, however, we are constantly under threat of issues such as these. They will make it more challenging for the future generations.

    Many of Stephanie's family members are lobstermen, and she served on the marine resources committee during her last tenure in Augusta. She knows the issues well. It's time to send her knowledge and voice of reason back to Augusta to help lobstermen and the businesses they depend on and who depend on them.

    I urge you to support your local lobstermen/women by voting for Stephanie Hawke.

    Mark Jones