‘Welcome home’: Wiscasset-built schooner docks for second Schoonerfest

Fri, 08/19/2022 - 8:45am

    After sheltering in Boothbay Harbor in the wind and rain, the 1939 Wiscasset-built schooner When and If  arrived in Wiscasset’s harbor to a cannon’s salute Thursday.

    The sky was gray and other than several Schoonerfest volunteers and some town staff helping set up, attendees onshore were few. “Welcome home,” Selectman and Schoonerfest Co-Admiral Terry Heller called out as the vessel neared. Still on its way was a new participant this year, the Tyrone, organizers said. 

    Parker, Colorado’s Jim and Diane Gregory enjoyed watching When and If come in. He was born in Lewiston, lived in Auburn and loves returning to Maine. The couple have enjoyed rides on area schooners Eastwind and Lazy Jack. This was the couple’s first Wiscasset Schoonerfest. “Oh, how beautiful,” she said at the sight of When and If.

    When it reached the dock, Katy Petersen, who lives on the boat Idril, threw one of the ropes up to When and If crew member Luana Santana. Santana and some fellow crew members were new to Wiscasset, but there soon came a familiar bark for last year’s Schoonerfest goers: Leilani, crew member Sean Salzmann’s poodle, ran about the vessel, then, like last time, stood on her hind legs, put her front paws near the edge and looked outward as iPhones and other cameras were on her.

    Salzmann was onboard for Schoonerfest again, this year with son Keegan, 12, and Keegan’s uncle – Sean’s brother Seth Salzmann, When and If’s owner and captain. 

    Schoonerfest runs through Sunday. Activities include viewing a new, augmented reality image of Hesper and Luther Little; geocaching; a triathlon; face-painting, cornhole, music and more. Find the schedule at wiscassetschoonerfest.com