Wiscasset adult hoops results

Tue, 01/14/2020 - 9:45am

Results for Jan. 5, week four of adult basketball at Wiscasset Community Center, including the scoring breakdown for the top three of each team.

Maxwell's Market: 69 points; Ethan James 21, Ben Teel 18, Matt Petrie and Matt Craig 12. And First National Bank: 67 points; Bryan James 32; Derek Jones 12; Austin Campbell 10.

Red's Eats: 99 points; Shane Hutchings 32, Zach Reed 15, Mike Connors and Kyle Moore 12. And Ames Supply: 68 points; Paul Greenier 35, Jared Martin nine and Brian Swain eight.

Cantrell Seafood: 78 points; Chris Hersom 29,  Andy Cantrell 23 and Matt Hinds 12. And Wiscasset Ford: 70 points; Julian Aponte 25, Logan Orr and Brent Rainey 12 and Sean Pinkham 10.