Wiscasset adult hoops results

Thu, 02/06/2020 - 1:30pm

Here are the results for Wiscasset Parks and Recreation’s eighth week of adult basketball at Wiscasset Community Center, with the scoring breakdown for the top three of each team.

Ames Supply: 70 points; James Flynn 24, Jeb Charette 18, and Brian Swain 16. And Red's Eats: 100 points; Shane Hutchings 40, Tiger Colby and Mike Connors 18; and Zach Reed 9.
Wiscasset Ford: 54 points; Julian Aponte 17, Sean Pinkham 10, and Mike Connors eight. And Cantrell's Seafood: 86 points; Andy Cantrell 23, Nick Cantrell 18, and Bryant Toothaker 16.
Maxwell's Market: 84 points; Ethan James 38, Ben Teel 15, and Matt Craig 11. And First National Bank: 95 points; Bryan James 37, Derek Jones 20, and Spencer La Count 14.