WMHS basketball

Wiscasset boys lose at home, away

Posted:  Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - 9:15am

From Jan. 23 to Jan. 30, Wiscasset played two games. On Jan. 26 at Boothbay Region High School, a game against Boothbay ended in a 71-40 loss for Wiscasset.

Boothbay’s scorers included Kyle Ames with 23, Steve Reny with 17, Hunter Crocker with 16, Eli Gudroe with five, Keedan Davis with three, and Jacob Wilson, Sam Burnham and Ben Pearce with two each. For Wiscasset, senior Zachary Reed had 19, senior Kobe Carrier had seven, senior Ronald Drake and junior Matt Chapman had four each, and freshman Dylan Orr, junior Caleb Gabriele and sophomore Noah Haggett each had two.

After that game, Wiscasset fell to 0-15 while Boothbay improved to 10-5. The other game was on Tuesday, Jan. 30, when Wiscasset hosted the Richmond Bobcats. This game resulted in a 70-43 loss for Wiscasset.

Aside from the second quarter, this game was rather competitive. For Richmond, leading scorers were Zach Small with 34, Matt Rines with 10, Caleb Densmore with eight, and Danny Stewart and Ridenour with five each. For Wiscasset, Drake had 15, Orr had 14 including 12 in the fourth quarter, junior Chris Loyola had four, and Haggett, Carrier, Chapman, Caleb Gabriele and juniors Josh Gabriele each had two.

After this game, Wiscasset falls to 0-16 while Richmond improves to 13-3. When head coach Seth Farrington was asked about the loss of team captain Zach Reed again, and was asked about the most improved player thus far, he said: “Probably the biggest change is how we play offensively. We have to be deliberate and patient and use a lot of time per possession.

“A lot of players have improved but if I was going to pick one it would be Ron Drake. He’s our leading scorer now with Zach out and has been our most consistent offensive threat. A part of his game that doesn’t get noticed as much either is his rebounding. He’s a great rebounder from the guard position.”

Wiscasset’s next game is senior night, Feb. 1 at 7 p.m. against Monmouth Academy.