Wiscasset, other police arrest man before, after alleged escape

Mon, 06/21/2021 - 11:45am

On June 20, Vlad D. Palli, 23, of Richmond was arrested and charged with operating under the influence, operating without a license, violating conditions of release, and escape, following an incident in Wiscasset.

Chief Larry Hesseltine conducted a traffic stop on Main Street after reports of erratic operation of Palli’s vehicle traveling south on Route 1 in Edgecomb. It is alleged Palli was traveling at a high rate of speed in the breakdown lane approaching the bridge and nearly caused a head-on crash with a vehicle traveling north after Palli’s brakes locked and his vehicle skidded between two southbound vehicles and into the northbound lane.

Palli was arrested for OUI and operating without a license. The operating without a license charge is because Palli has a conditional Maine driver’s license with a condition he cannot operate a vehicle after consuming any alcohol. Palli was also arrested for violating conditions of release, as he was out on bail from drug-related charges out of Cumberland County.

Hesseltine handcuffed Palli in the front and placed him in the rear of the patrol vehicle. During the incident, Palli was removed from the police vehicle as it was suspected he tried to hide contraband down between the seat of the cruiser. While out of the vehicle and while Hesseltine was retrieving an item under the rear seat of the cruiser, Palli allegedly ran to his vehicle and fled.

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office found Palli in Dresden and tried to conduct a traffic stop. Palli allegedly continued to flee custody and engaged in a pursuit heading toward Richmond. LCSO discontinued the pursuit out of public safety concerns when speeds reached 100 mph. Richmond Police Department entered into a short pursuit with Palli but lost contact with him on Front Street in Richmond. Richmond Police Department found Palli’s vehicle down over an embankment where it appeared he lost control entering a dirt parking lot fleeing police. Palli allegedly fled on foot.

Officers from Richmond, Topsham and Sagadahoc County Sheriff’s Office arrested Palli after a short foot chase behind his Richmond home. Palli was transported to Two Bridges Regional Jail in Wiscasset. LCSO also charged Palli with eluding and violating conditions of release for that department’s involvement. Once at the jail, Palli submitted to an Intoxilyzer test, with alleged results of .08, four hours after the initial stop in Wiscasset.