Wiscasset Police seeking suspects in Mason Station burglary, vandalism

Thu, 07/28/2022 - 4:30pm

Wiscasset Police posted a photo of five potential suspects July 28 allegedly involved with a weekend burglary at Mason Station. Around 10 a.m., Police Chief Larry Hesseltine posted the photo on the department’s Facebook page with this message. “Looking for assistance in identifying these individuals. They are suspects in a burglary, theft, and criminal mischief case at Mason Station. If you can help please contact Chief Hesseltine at 207-882-8203 or chiefhesseltine@wiscasset.org.”

At 3 p.m., Hesseltine reported to the Boothbay Register, he is investigating the crime. Hesseltine believes the crime took place between Sunday afternoon to Tuesday night. So far, his investigation has photographs taken Sunday afternoon of five unknown individuals walking by the CMP security camera with their faces covered. “I don’t have too many details at this time, but I believe the individuals in the photograph are responsible,” he said. 

The chief also collected DNA evidence and sent it to the Maine Crime Lab in Augusta. While inspecting the Mason Station buildings, Hesseltine discovered two missing gun safes which had a total of four firearms. He also found evidence of criminal mischief. “They really created a mess,” he said. Hesseltine reported the building’s caretaker is an amputee and the vandals threw his wheelchair from the third floor to the basement. The vandals also destroyed a riding lawnmower by throwing it into the harbor. “They kicked in a few doors and entered a couple out buildings, but the missing guns are the biggest concern,” he said. 

Hesseltine is still reviewing additional footage from CMP security cameras. In the past, the public has assisted police in identifying suspects. “Usually, we hear something in 15-20 minutes, but we haven't so far. So, I’m not sure whether the people in the photo are local or not.”