Wiscasset road rage incident results in charges for Belfast woman

Posted:  Wednesday, September 16, 2015 - 5:45pm

A Belfast woman has been charged with driving to endanger and leaving the scene of an accident after an alleged road rage incident in Wiscasset.

Elizabeth Brown, 26, of Belfast was arrested Sept. 15 after she allegedly slammed on her brakes two different times and caused two collisions.

At approximately 9:45 a.m. Wiscasset Police Chief Troy Cline received information from Lincoln County Communications regarding an erratic operations complaint that took place in Wiscasset.

Leverett Davis, 61, of Freeport, flagged down Lincoln County Sheriff’s Sergeant Jason Nein on Main Street. Davis directed Nein’s attention to the suspect vehicle allegedly involved in the incident.

After Nein stopped the vehicle in Edgecomb and spoke to both Davis and Brown, he determined the incident took place on Bath Road (Route 1) in the area of Holbrook Pond.

He escorted Davis and Brown to Wiscasset Police Department where he turned them over to Cline.

Cline spoke to Davis and obtained a written statement from him.

Davis said he was traveling northerly on Bath Road in the area of Holbrook Pond when he saw Brown’s vehicle in his rear-view mirror.

Davis described the vehicle as traveling at a “high rate of speed” and approaching his vehicle “rapidly.” The speed limit for that section of Bath Road is 35 mph.

Davis said he steered towards the centerline of the roadway as Brown’s vehicle was drifting to the right side and into the break down lane. Brown then passed Davis, narrowly missing his vehicle, according to Davis.

After Brown passed Davis’ vehicle, he said he attempted to get closer to obtain descriptive information to call the police. Brown allegedly slammed on her brakes without cause and Davis rear-ended her, causing minor but reportable damage to both vehicles.

Brown left the scene and continued traveling north on Bath Road with Davis following her. Davis said he was honking his vehicle’s horn repeatedly in an attempt to get Brown to stop.

They were in the 25 mph zone when Brown allegedly slammed on her brakes again on Bath Road in the area of the Wiscasset Town Hall.

This caused another minor crash to take place between the two vehicles. Davis said that Brown gave him “the finger” when he was trying to get her to stop to call the police.

Davis called 9-1-1 at this point and was speaking to Lincoln County Communications when he saw Nein on Main Street.

Cline did the investigation and subsequently charged Brown with driving to endanger and leaving the scene of a property damage accident.

During this investigation, Cline discovered Brown was currently on probation. He contacted Brown’s probation officer and she ordered a drug and alcohol test.

Brown tested positive for amphetamines and Suboxone. She has a prescription for the Suboxone, however, not for the amphetamines. The probation officer placed a probation hold on Brown due to her newly alleged criminal conduct and alleged use of illegal drugs.

Cline also searched Brown’s vehicle after she allegedly made furtive movement while getting some belongings out of it. The search revealed a 750ml bottle of Bacardi 151 rum that still had rum in it on the passenger side front seat floor. There were also numerous prescription bottles in the vehicle as well.

Brown was transported to Two Bridges Regional Jail in Wiscasset and Cline directed her to do a breath test per probation requirements. Brown refused to take the test and her probation officer was notified.