letter to the editor

Sara Gideon for Maine

Mon, 06/29/2020 - 3:00pm

    Dear Editor:

    Every time we turn on the news, we are overwhelmed with the increased numbers of people infected with and dying from the coronavirus. The coronavirus is an unparalleled public health crisis that requires that all people have access to help; where and when they need it.

    Here in America, the President is leading an effort to overturn the Affordable Care Act. People are becoming infected and dying at alarming rates while the President is leading an effort to make it worse by eliminating their affordable health coverage. This is simply unacceptable.

    Thankfully, here in Maine, we have leadership that is fighting for our protection and health care.

    Earlier this year, Sara Gideon sponsored and helped pass the Patients First Health Care package, which expanded access to affordable health care for thousands of Mainers. She also sponsored and passed legislation to protect Mainers with pre-existing conditions by putting the protections in the Affordable Care Act into Maine law so that Mainers remain protected. In her role as Maine's Speaker of the House of Representatives, I have seen firsthand Sara's passionate commitment to ensure that Maine people have continued access to healthcare coverage.

    When you vote in the primary on July 14, I hope you remember that Sara Gideon has been fighting for Mainers’ protections and health care coverage all along.

    Please join me in voting for a woman who believes that we all have a right to affordable, accessible, high quality healthcare and will fight to ensure that our protection under the Affordable Care Act remains in place.

    Representative Holly Stover