letter to the editor

Support Stover’s reelection

Mon, 09/14/2020 - 3:00pm

    Dear Editor:

    In her first term in office Holly Stover has shown herself to be an effective and caring representative for House District 89. She worked to get us better access to healthcare, and in the midst of this pandemic, has supported the public health measures that have made Maine one of the safest states in the country. She joined with a majority in the legislature to pass a measure which will reduce the cost of prescription drugs. And outside of the legislature she’s been working with local law enforcement for years to help those suffering from substance abuse disorder, and leads Lincoln County Dental, which is helping local residents get needed dental care.

    I think of Holly especially with regard to healthcare, but her legislative actions have been helping our communities in many other areas. She has voted for the expansion of broadband internet service, an active need for most of the communities in District 89, and one which the pandemic has strongly highlighted. Holly has voted for more state support for education and teachers, and for workforce training that helps us adapt to changes in our economy. She’s supported our small businesses and fishing community. All without raising taxes on hardworking Mainers.

    We are facing the biggest challenges in a generation or more. We need to beat the pandemic, adapt where we must, and restore our lives and economy. Holly will focus on making that happen. She’s a problem solver. And that’s what we need, now more than ever. I strongly support her reelection.

    Jeff Tarbox

    Westport Island