letter to the editor

Vote for Holly Stover

Mon, 09/14/2020 - 3:30pm

    Dear Editor:

    I have known of Holly Stover since the 1980s when we both worked in Augusta area social services. I know her to be a very intelligent, compassionate, tireless public servant.  She loves this community and its people. 

    My admiration for her has grown since I came to Boothbay in 1991. I have seen her work tirelessly with the local addiction program and Chief Hasch. I have seen her work with the Boothbay Region Community Resource Program, which includes the Navigators, Food for Thought and the Woodchucks, among other programs. And she is everywhere, helping people find jobs and housing and always with a kind word.  And she knows how state government works.

    The next year will be unusually complicated as we work our way out of the pandemic. The state needs Holly's vast knowledge and experience to help work this out. She has and will do an extremely excellent job representing us in Augusta.

    Please vote for Holly in November.
    Jane G. Smith