letter to the editor

Why I am voting for Hawke

Mon, 09/14/2020 - 5:15pm

    Dear Editor:

    Why do I think Stephanie Hawke should once again be our House Representative for Distinct #89 again? It is widely known that she has always held the interests and concerns of the community as a top priority. She was like this before she held the seat, during her terms and now in what is hopefully just a brief hiatus.

    People in this district know that they can still (and do) contact Stephanie with questions, those concerns and ideas. She always answers emails and her phone, treating it as important as running her business. Speaking of which, ask anyone how they feel she does with that. Ask her employees what it is like to work for her. You will hear nothing but enthusiasm and positive comments.

    Her volunteerism is well known, but, it’s not about an opportunity to just be “seen” as helping. If it’s a project that reaches out to those in need or for the betterment of the area, it is more than likely that Stephanie was involved in the initial idea, the planning, the execution and the finish.

    When in office she fought hard for and against bills that would help (or could hurt) Maine workers, business owners and the self employed. Things like opposition to the increase in the lodging tax that would hurt Maine’s innkeepers. Being a voice against the Tip Credit bill in what would be devastating to the earnings of those types of employees. There are countless other examples of her looking out for people.

    Voting records are available to the public. Not only did she have stellar attendance during her time in the seat, go look at how bi-partisan Stephanie’s votes were vs. others in these overly partisan times. Everyone has an opinion on national and global politics. So does Stephanie, and she will discuss then freely. But, while she understands that state politics do have an impact on the national stage, she also understands this position is mainly about what is closer to home.

    It’s time we get our voice back in the House for District #89. Vote for Stephanie!

    Nancy P. Case

    Boothbay Harbor