Beauty spa Ashley Kate Aesthetics opens in Wiscasset

Tue, 12/28/2021 - 8:15am

    For the past five years, licensed aesthetician Ashley Kate James has operated Ashley Kate Aesthetics in Brunswick where she provides popular beauty and skincare techniques. 

    Now James is working closer to her Wiscasset home by opening a second spa, at Wiscasset Marketplace. She splits her time working at both locations each week. Her Wiscasset location is at 681 Bath Road. James and associates Christian Jewett, Caleigh Schulman and Abbie Hayward provide facial treatments, laser teeth whitening services, eye lash extensions, lifts and tints, waxings, red light therapy and make-up services. Nicole Nicolls-Foley works with James in Brunswick and occasionally assists in Wiscasset. 

    James began working as an aesthetician after spending time with her sons as a “stay-at-home mom.” She started working for another aesthetician who encouraged her to market her brand under a different name. So James used her first and middle names for “Ashley Kate Aesthetics.”

    “When my boys reached a certain age I thought it was time to do something for me,” she said. “I’ve always been interested in beauty, and enjoy working with people, making them look and feel better about themselves.  It’s such a great feeling watching clients leave looking happy and confident.”

    James attended Aveda Institute in Augusta in 2011. After becoming a licensed aesthetician, she began working for another Midcoast aesthetician spa before opening her own shop at 103 Harpswell Road in Brunswick. With her sons now in school and involved in sports and other extracurricular activities, James wanted to work closer to home. So she searched for a location to operate a new spa.

    Ashley Kate Aesthetics & Associates operates twice a week in Wiscasset. James enjoys meeting new people. With each visit, she believes her relationship with customers grows stronger. “You build relationships with your customers and become friends. You meet so many awesome people.”

    Eye lash extensions have been among the most popular procedures. But another service is rapidly drawing more attention as customers desire botox injections. Once a month, the business holds a “Botox party” with “Nurse Deb,” a licensed nurse. “She does a consultation with you. There is no expectation to receive an injection,” James said. “Nurse Deb has been an ER (emergency room) nurse for 15 years. She is amazing and a very popular service here. And it’s usually completely booked.”

    James described the spa business as growing in popularity with people seeking ways to look better and become healthier. Schedule appointments at or contact James at Instagram@ashley_kate_aesthetics or email

    She described her business as “offering a wide variety of services that will make you look good head to toe!”