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Sat, 09/24/2022 - 7:15am

Maine's deer hunting starts on September 10th this year with Bludgeoning Season. It's a fun new method of hunting where psychopaths can really experience committing a gruesome murder without being officially charged with murder. Not for you? Tazering Season starts on September 15th.

Does the thought of 1,000's of minimally-trained Massachusetts and New York hunters charging through the Maine woods with loaded weapons strike fear into the very core of your being? No? You must be drunker than I am.

Think you are safe? The Maine Subpreme Court recently ruled that liquored-up hunters "From Away" have the right to dynamite the tempered steel doors to your heavily-fortified family pillbox, hunt down and shoot all your house pets and children by mistake if there was "...a reasonable chance they would pay the outrageous Out-of-State hunting license fees next year..."

These collars won't do a damn thing in that scenario except make better targets for the hunters. But it WILL make it harder for your spouse to run over your dog in the driveway when Maine has less than 3 hours of daylight per day.

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