This week at Harbor Theater

Mon, 09/26/2022 - 7:45am

Story Location:
185 Townsend Avenue
Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538
United States

Starting Oct. 10 the theater will be open five days a week closing Monday and Tuesday, except for special events. 

Don’t miss Harbor Theater’s  special October Food ‘n Film Series! Deadline for ticket purchase is Monday, Oct. 3. Look for information in this column.

“See How They Run” - (PG-13; 1 hour, 38 minutes) - A rollicking comedy and take off on earlier whodunits set in the West End of 1950s London when plans for a movie version of Agatha Christie’s famed “The Mousetrap” come to an abrupt halt after a pivotal member of the crew is murdered. When world-weary Inspector Stoppard (Sam Rockwell) and eager rookie Constable Stalker (Saoirse Ronan) take on the case, the two find themselves thrown into a puzzling whodunit within the glamorously sordid theater underground, investigating the mysterious homicide at their own peril. Shows at 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 26; Tuesday, Sept. 27; Wednesday, Sept. 28; Thursday, Sept. 29.

“A Love Song” - (PG; 1 hour, 21 minutes) -  Faye (Dale Dickey) is a lone traveler biding her time fishing, birding and stargazing at a rural Colorado campground as she awaits the arrival of Lito (Wes Studi), a figure from her past who is navigating his own tentative and nomadic journey across the rugged West. “A Love Song” weaves a lyrical and ultimately joyful refrain out of the transformative act of finding love at any age. Opens at 7 p.m.  Friday, Sept. 30 and Saturday, Oct. 1; Monday, Oct. 3, Tuesday, Oct. 4, Wednesday, Oct. 5 and Thursday, Oct. 6.

“Make no mistake: ‘A Love Song’ is, first and foremost, a love letter to Dickey... It’s the sort of performance that makes you stop taking great actors for granted.” – David Fear, Rolling Stone

The October Food ‘n Film Series -  Kim Martin, owner of Eventide Specialties, pastry chef and wizard of all things culinary is offering special food and wine pairings with each film to be served at 6 p.m.; films at 7 p.m.: “Julia” the 2021 documentary -  Oct. 10; “Bottle Shock”  - Oct. 17; and “Big Night” - Oct. 24. 

Subscribe now and select one ($15), two ($30), or all three ($45) Food 'n Film nights!  Participation is limited to 60 subscribers. Enrollment closes Monday, October 3.This is a subscription only series. No tickets sold at the door. Purchase tickets online at

Coming soon: “The Good House” -  Oct. 7. Hildy Good is a wry New England realtor and descendant of the Salem witches who loves her wine and loves her secrets. Her compartmentalized life starts to unravel as she rekindles an old romance and becomes dangerously entwined in one person’s reckless behavior. Starring Sigourney Weaver and Kevin Kline. Based on Ann Leary’s “The Good House.”

COVID policy: The CDC still recommends wearing masks indoors around a crowd. Our all-fresh-air ventilation system, Merv-13 filters and thorough sanitation protocols offer a comfortable and safe atmosphere in which to enjoy the film. Please choose your seat with social distancing in mind.

Harbor Theater, at 185 Townsend Ave. in Boothbay Harbor, is open nightly at 7 with a matinee only on Sunday at 2 p.m. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for members and children under 18. Tickets will be sold at the concession stand. ADA-mandated Audio Descriptive (AD) and Closed Caption (CC) devices available for the visually and hearing-impaired. Inquire at the concession stand.