MSMT’s Titanic Rises Above the Waves

Fri, 06/09/2023 - 9:00pm

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Spoiler Alert! “Titanic’ is unsinkable. This production shines with superb, polished performances which Marc Robin directs with his exquisite eye for detail. Robin zeroes in from the start that the true star of the show is Titanic herself. The brilliant set design uses the roundabout to perfection. The digital backgrounds are so real you can smell the ocean and feel the night mist falling from the blanket of stars onto the ill-fated ship of dreams.

The Royal Mail Steamer Titanic, the glorious, ambitious, and grand was a floating city of hopes and dreams. Titanic was a snapshot of Edwardian society. It carried the wealthiest people in First Class, the yearning in Second Class, and the dreamers in Third Class with nothing but enthusiasm and the hopes of starting a new life in America.

Some 2,200 people from all these walks of life set sail from Southampton to New York. “Titanic The Musical” relates their stories, showcasing a mere handful of souls on board. There just isn’t time to enjoy each story as there are just too many of them but the few we can focus on are precious indeed.

Based on real stories and real people, this is a story of dreams – dreams of building the greatest ship in the world, dreams of rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous and dreams of finding a better life in America. Maury Yeston, together with Peter Stone, has crafted a powerful and emotional piece of theatre, full of hope, love, ambition and ultimately, tragedy. When disaster eventually does occur, it is done with dignity by director Marc Robin.

The score is rich in color with wit, sung with elegance, conviction, and tenderness. It is a true ensemble, but a few favorites stand out for this reviewer.

Kevin Earley is powerful and heartbreaking as the inspiring and troubled architect Thomas Andrews.

Charis Leos is delightful as the gossip-obsessed Alice Beane and provides a bit of light relief to the foreshadowing. Her long suffering and adoring Edgar (Blake Hammond) brought a sweetness to his character that balanced her silliness beautifully.

There must be a special nod for the duo of Michael Iannucci and Linda Balgord who, as Isidor and Ida Strauss, draw every emotion from the audience in their duet ‘Still’ as they prepare for death. This reviewer must confess a special affection for the Stauss couple. For a bit of history look them up, the story is one of true love long before Titanic immortalized their devotion. Oh, and bring tissues or prepare for the unbidden tears you will wipe away in the dark surreptitiously as these two remove all doubt that they die as much in love as when they met years before. (40,000 people attended their memorial in NYC.)

This splendid, respectful and soaring musical helps to honor and preserve the memory of the very real people they portray. Don’t miss the photo array in the lower lobby that juxtaposes the real people and the actors who play them in this gem of a show.

Titanic arrives at MSMT direct from a record-breaking and critically acclaimed run in Lancaster, PA at The Fulton Theatre.

MSMT’s cast of Titanic features (in alphabetical order): Jonathan Arana, Kelly Autry, Linda Balgord, Nick Case, Michael Di Liberto, Kevin Earley, David Girolmo, Blake Hammond, Matthew Hydzik, Michael Iannucci, Ian Knauer, Andrew Kotzen, Charis Leos, Eric Jon Mahlum, Alan Mendez, Carolyn Anne Miller, Sarah Miramontes, Manna Nicholos, Michael Nigro and Kat Wolff.

Also featured are the 2023 MSMT Singers: Collin Flanagan, Jasmine Gillenwaters, Jalen Kirkman, Elijah Koch, Chelsea Pena, Camila V. Romero, Albert Sterner and Cari Walton.

MSMT’s production and creative team of Titanic: Marc Robin (Director/Choreographer), Ray Fellman (Music Director), Erik Wakar (Associate Music Director), Amy M. Bertacini (Production Stage Manager), Paul Black (Scenic and Lighting Designer), Jorge Cousineau (Video Designer), Shannon Slaton (Sound Designer), Jane Alois Stein (Costume Designer), Kevin S. Foster II (Wig Designer), Katelin Walsko (Props Designer).


Tickets for Titanic, and all MSMT productions, can be purchased by calling the Box Office at 207.725.8769 or by visiting


ALL PHOTOS : Jared Morneau Photography.