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Random thoughts

Posted:  Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 10:00am

February is a good month for thinking. The days are getting longer – yeah – and with 321 days left in the year – as of Tuesday – this week seemed like a good time to ponder over what has transpired and what is going to transpire.

Last Wednesday, as another snowstorm hit the area, I was wondering how many more of these are we going to get. I don’t know about you, but I am ready for spring and we’ve been teased a bit with a few days in the 40s. Not enough to melt the ice in my driveway – thank you rain and cold temperatures – but I am hoping this week’s temps will melt it enough so I can take my dog on a longer walk.

Thursday was a big basketball night at the old alma mater, with the boys and girls varsity playing back-to-back against Telstar. I kind of felt sorry for the Rebels as each team only brought six players to compete. Schools are getting smaller in enrollment and Telstar has had trouble getting full teams to compete in basketball on a consistent basis. Will we be in the same boat down the road? Let’s hope not.

Friday I got my haircut – last one was in November. My hairdresser and I talked about various topics, including the hot toy item, L.O.L. dolls, that her daughter and my granddaughter enjoy. You have to see one to appreciate the “rage.” The “surprise” collectible dolls, along with accessories, are stuffed in a hard plastic ball that you open. More stuff – that’s all I am going to say about that!

Saturday was more basketball – the Mountain Valley Conference girls championship featuring our Seahawks and the Monmouth Mustangs. Porter Memorial was packed as it was perhaps a preview of the two teams who will compete in the Class C South championship in Augusta next week. But, I am not holding my breath on that one. Having watched many, many, many games in Augusta, nothing is a given, even if you’re 18-0 or 17-1. Who remembers my headline “Shockapee?” But I am hoping our Seahawks do get back to the championship game – and perhaps the state championship game.

Sunday was the day of rest. And a little bit of work.

Monday was full tilt on the work scene. Then my wife called around noon and told me she was leaving work – got tested for the flu and was later informed that she had it. Spent the evening washing my hands whenever I thought I might have touched something that she touched. Hopefully you don’t get it. Needless to say, she didn’t go to work on Tuesday.

Tuesday was spent putting the finishing touches on this week’s edition. You will notice if you go through this week’s paper (and if you follow us online) the more-than-normal amount of obituaries. A couple of the departed – Grace Calhoun and Leroy “Lee” Yereance – were two people I got to know well and always said hi to. My Dad worked for the Yereances when Lee and Mickey owned and operated Cash and Carry. Before my newspaper career, I was hired by Lee to paint the interior of the store during closed hours for a week or two. And Grace was such a joy to see. Her and Ronnie were always supportive of area youth. I will always remember them fondly.