letter to the editor

Save the parking and garage

Posted:  Monday, March 5, 2018 - 3:30pm

Dear Editor:

In response to residents supporting the opposite, I would like to take a page from their book and say, you are the ones looking for short term gains (aka; a pretty park in the middle of town). The plan as stated will not improve the traffic flow (also stated by your friends at DOT) and there will be no decrease in traffic, except into the shops already established on Main Street. Therein lies your long range reality.

I find it peculiar that there is such a diversity in those who have lived here most of their lives. Some see this debacle as I do (I with a mere 18 years here) and others see it thru a kaleidoscope, which seems to enhance their already warped and sophomoric views as though it were a science project for school.

Tearing down a perfectly good (and historic) building to put in parking spaces (that no one can predict will even be used), is absurd and destructive. A town official suggested improving ways to bring in business from the river … well, could the Haggett Garage not be a marine store and provision supply for this purpose?

No one can make anyone park in a certain space and once they find out they have to walk an entire block (gasp!) to get to stores (if they are still open), they will continue on their pre-planned destination and leave Wiscasset in the dust.

Traffic and congestion is and always has been the problem … none of the proposals will correct either.

Vote to save parking spaces, the garage and the future of shop owners!

Jim Collins