Wiscasset Public Library Schedules Reopening

Thu, 05/07/2020 - 11:15am


Director's Note: An Update From Pam

We are all living through a very interesting and challenging time. COVID-19, its effects and how it changed the lifestyles and lives of us all will be remembered and written of in history books. It will be studied and followed. The decisions we make today may be used as examples of how to handle crises like this in the future.

What I am learning from all of this is how important library access to each of you. Your notes and calls have touched me. I have also learned how empty it is to work in this building without you. Patrons are the life and soul of the Library and your absence here is sorely felt.

Governor Mills has stated that facilities such as libraries may open beginning June 1. I want to assure you that all the libraries in Maine are involved and working hard to get our check list built and our safety procedures set for the day we can welcome you back. Some libraries may start up with just curbside delivery and letting borrowed items come back. Others may be able to let people in right away. Each library will have to assess its own situation and figure out how to conform to the rules in its building.

As soon as we finalize WPL's reopening plans, we will let you know -- so you can start thinking about your next trip to the Library. We are planning carefully and hoping that plan flows smoothly. Our immediate goals are to provide access to the collection and the internet. Other services (ex: Programs, meetings, etc.) will be reintroduced later, when it is safe to do so.

In preparation for our reopening on Tuesday, June 2, at we have started accepting book returns in the Book Return slot. Reminder: books are not due back until the Library reopens in June. Please use your best personal hygiene practices when using the Book Return. Gloves, hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes are recommended when using public handles. The Library staff will also be sanitizing the handle and the returned books. There will be some restrictions to opening the building and some new rules but we will all work together to  make this happen in a safe way for everyone involved.

We are grateful for your patience and understanding during this process. We look forward to seeing you very soon.

Best wishes for your safety to you all,

Pam Dunning, Director