Comprehensive plan committee

Wiscasset survey gets first takers

Fri, 04/19/2024 - 11:45am

    Less than a week in, Wiscasset’s comprehensive plan survey was largely drawing what comp plan committee members hoped for – a lot of takers and a range in demographics. Chair Sarah Whitfield said April 17, people from throughout town and in a range of ages were taking it.

    Whitfield called the online count of 119 takers pretty good for the survey that opened April 11, runs though June 30 and can be taken online or on paper. She said one of the only things she would change if there was another survey is a question people are reading a couple of ways. The committee asked respondents how they envision Wiscasset in 10 years; as in, how they would like to see it, she said.

    “(The question is) being interpreted very differently. Some people are interpreting it (as) ‘What’s my ideal vision for Wiscasset,’ which is sort of where I was going with it, but some people are being very pessimistic, and saying ‘Well, things will be terrible if they keep going the same way.’”

    Besides the survey, the committee will seek input at public workshops. The panel honed plans for the first one, set for May 11. Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission Executive Director Emily Rabbe detailed an ice-breaker exercise first suggested last month. She said attendees would each get $1,500 in play money to put in whichever bucket(s) they want, from waterfront to transportation, etc. 

    The tallies would yield data, as would the committee asking if anyone would volunteer to say why they chose as they did, Rabbe said.

    Committee member Anne Leslie said someone might put play money in transportation because they want train service or something else, so, she said, attendees’ explanations will be the most valuable piece. 

    The committee also mulled a way to gather the opinions of children at the workshop: Having them draw what they like best in Wiscasset. 

    The workshop is from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 11 at Wiscasset Community Center.

    Find the survey at Or Economic Development Director Aaron Chrostowsky said people can get a paper version at the town office, WCC, or any town facility.