AARP scam alert: Debt relief scams

Sat, 04/16/2022 - 8:45am

Debt is something that can creep up on anyone, and before long, you are looking for a way out of it. But use caution — sometimes, tempting offers of debt relief will only make your own problems worse, while lining the pockets of criminal scammers.

Debt relief scams promise "guarantees" to get you out of debt quickly and cleanly. They often ask for advance payment (which is illegal) for the “services” they provide. Sometimes they will even advise you to stop paying your creditors.

If you are struggling with debt, consider negotiating with creditors directly or connect with a debt counselor through a nonprofit credit counseling organization, such as the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (

Be a fraud fighter! If you can spot a scam, you can stop a scam.

Visit the AARP Fraud Watch Network at or call the AARP Fraud Watch Helpline at 1-877-908-3360.