Windjammer Days 2014

Ahoy Mateys! Pirates of the Dark Rose will return to Windjammer Days

Fri, 06/13/2014 - 8:00am

    The Friends of Windjammer Days is pleased to announce that crowd favorite, the pillaging Pirates of the Dark Rose, will once again entertain the crowds at Windjammer Days with their plundering antics.

    The pirates will perform a puppet show and duel on Tuesday, June 24 in the Whale Park, and will be recruiting children and adults of all ages to prepare for a life of piracy through their pirate training, which covers:

    • The pirate flag, the ”Jolly Roger”
    • The Pirate Articles 
    • Pirate Food
    • Cutlass Lessons
    • Pirate Dentistry  (Tooth Worms Removed)
    • Pirate Weapons, grappling hooks, axes, and flintlocks
    • Intimidation, or  “Vaporing” as it’s called, to scare the prey

    All recruits will be outfitted with pirate gear in preparation for the British Invasion, during which the pirates will try to keep on with their wicked ways and fend off the British. This lively drama will take place on Wednesday, June 25 from 12 to 12:30 p.m. at the Boothbay Harbor Public Landing Whale Park.

    The two dozen pirates, and a few companion parrots as well, sail on the 55-foot gaff rigged topsail yawl, the S/V Must Roos, complete with thundering cannon on the top deck and carronades on the lower deck. The company is operated by Tomm Tomlinson, alias “Tom Crudbeard,” Tomlinson says the group “truly is a gang of murderous cutthroats.”

    This year the Sarah Mead, a Friendship sloop, will be joining the gang of pirates for the attack. Captains Nate and Randy will have the ship decked out in pirate paraphernalia and help Captain Crudbeard stop the British.

    Pirate themed items will be available all over town to help get everyone in the right mood for the attack. At the Friends of Windjammer Days table in the Whale Park, you can find a map of places to go.

    The 2014 Windjammer Days is scheduled to take place June 22-28, with the schooners appearing in Linekin Bay on Tuesday, June 24 and in the harbor on Wednesday, June 25.

    The full line-up of events and activities is available at and on Facebook: Friends of Windjammer Days.