From the Assistant Editor

All good

Posted:  Wednesday, January 24, 2018 - 7:15am

Good for Woolwich for proposing the state pave shoulders while it’s repaving Route 127 this year. It sounds like it would be smart for the reasons Phil Di Vece reports in his story on the town’s letter to the Maine Department of Transportation. The request merits a serious look. And hopefully, if MDOT determines it would make the road safer, cost won’t prevent it.

Safety is never a mistake.

* * *

Good for Wolverine boys head coach Seth Farrington for voicing his pride for his team and its attitude for improvement as Wiscasset’s winless season continued. The statement honors the team’s efforts, and saying you’re proud of someone is one of the best things one person can do for another’s self-image and self-worth.

Everyone likes a winner, but the try should be valued as much, whether it’s observed in a horse learning to back up under saddle or a high school athlete practicing three-pointers. No one gets anywhere without trying first, and probably trying many times over, over time. The New England Patriots, who thrilled us last Sunday for the umpteenth time, must have all started somewhere many years ago to have become that superb in skill and focus.

We don't have to all be that good, but their try and the drive behind it are relatable and inspiring.

* * *

A good sign was popping up on area lawns and flower beds last weekend, before Mother Nature added a fresh skim coat of ice and snow over the region Tuesday. Cute animal-themed ornaments reappeared thanks to warmer temperatures. We hadn’t seen those temperatures or those ornaments in a while, and knowing they are starting to reemerge, however briefly, gives hope to those of us counting the days to spring.

As of Thursday, Jan. 25, 54 days to go. May they be easy, and when they're not, let’s stay safe.