The art of making delectable pies

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 11:45am

Pie enthusiasts have reason to celebrate this year. Jan. 23, 2016 is National Pie Day and the deep dish dessert is once again taking center stage. The first pies actually appeared around 9500 BC in the Egyptian Neolithic period or New Stone Age.

To celebrate National Pie Day 2016, at 11 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 25, the kitchen at Spectrum Generations Coastal Community Center, 521 Main Street in Damariscotta will be filled with the tantalizing smells when the pastry chefs from Moody's Diner in Waldoboro present a workshop titled "The Art of Making Delectable Pies." Moody's pies -- from four berry, walnut and apple, to lemon meringue, to mincemeat or grapenut -- rank among the best in the state, possibly the country. The golden, flaky crust is a perfect foil for a fruity filling made with Maine's wild blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries or fall apples. Moody's pies are dessert knockouts and slices of mouthwatering bliss that you too can learn to make.

Come to Spectrum Generations Coastal Community Center to learn a few of Moody's trade secrets and a bit about their love for pastry and pies. Advanced registration required. Call 563-1363 to let us know that you are interested learning how to make the perfect pie crust or in enhancing your pie making skills. Don't put off making your call. The maximum class size 15.

At the end of the class participants will have the opportunity to sip a cup of tea, share their own pie making secrets (experiences) and to taste their creations. Participation fee: $10.