’Round Town


Wed, 04/10/2019 - 9:30am

It’ss difficult to imagine anyone who knows more about where people live in the region than Ashley Brown Holloway. Which may have a lot to do with why she is the new Boothbay Harbor postmaster.

Ashley has worked in every area post office over the last 14 years and actually was the postmaster for East Boothbay. She was a good choice for the postal service and for us.

Ashley's experience, knowledge of the region (she grew up here) and professional mentoring with her predecessor, Lesley Blethen, undeniably made her a prime candidate for the position. Lesley has moved on, and up, to a position in the Portland office as manager of Consumer Affairs.

I first got to know Ashley at Brown's Wharf. She would show up often to hang out with her dad, Chef Dennis, her aunts, Connie and Michelle, and grandparents, Ken and Joan. Uncle Tim ran the dock. I hung around Brown's a little too — it was a fun place to visit, especially when Horace Lee occupied the corner power chair in the office. You never knew who might show up.

As I mentioned, Ashley grew up here. Her mom, Sherri, is also from a well known family and has run Sherri Brown Daycare over on the Beath Road for 30 years. Her parents, the Williams, lived in the area a long time too.

Ashley will work with a whole gang of well-known individuals at the Boothbay Harbor office, which receives, handles and distributes mail for the Harbor, Boothbay and Trevett. The volume of packages has increased substantially over the years, especially with more online ordering and shipping. This past year, for the holidays, there was barely room to walk in the sorting area at the Harbor office, requiring huge and organized efforts by the office staff. Everyone worked hard to see that deliveries went out on time.

It’s a big step for Ashley. She has two children and a busy husband who will all adjust to new schedules. There is no written test to qualify for that position. But with the help of her new postal family and the support of family and friends, Ashley will be a wonderful new postmaster. Please stop by the Harbor office to say hi and thank the postal system for a fine decision.