From the editor

Attention please

Posted:  Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 9:30am

Every so often, I like to remind people how this operation (newspaper) works. This week, I will give you a few facts about getting coverage of your event and tips on getting your submissions in on time to be printed. This is especially true from now until next summer when the ad hole shrinks during the winter.

  • Let us know a couple of weeks in advance of any events you want covered by our reporting staff. The reporters have regular beats and they schedule interviews and event coverage at least a week in advance. The sooner, the better, as they say.
  • And please think of us as a way of getting your news (schools, organizations, etc.) out to the public. Some of the most-read stories on our websites have been through tips submitted by the public.
  • Use email to contact us. Using one of the following addresses will be best:,,, or
  • The deadline for submissions (news releases, columns, letters, photos, ads, etc.) is Mondays at 4:30 p.m. We do accept obituaries and death notices into Tuesday afternoon. You can send items in late but no promises are made for placement in the print edition. We place most everything we receive on the website before the print edition hits the newsstands.
  • This is 2017 – anything handwritten is usually done last because we must type it. So it is best to submit items electronically.

When I think of more tidbits to help our readers get their news printed, I will do another column.