From the Assistant Editor

For the birds

Posted:  Wednesday, February 21, 2018 - 8:15am

The other day, my mother saw the first robin of the year, continuing that rite of spring or near spring for my mother, my sister and me. We each try to be the first to spot one. We got that from my grandfather and whoever sees the first one, still tells the other two. This year, it seemed such a surprise, because the winter has, at times, seemed never-ending due to the cold alone.

Welcome to all the birds on their way back to gracing the region’s yards, bird feeders and trees with their beauty to the eye and ear.

Some you can hear year-round, but in the warm months, just as people are out more, so too are the winged among us more apparent, making a symphony with the buzzing and other sounds of their fellow summer day performers, and their nightly counterparts we either hear only in the warm months, or are easier to spend time enjoying than in winter, especially this winter.

We also welcome the birds this week to our editorial page. Jeff and Allison Wells’ long-running bird column that has been seen further into our paper will  make its home here now. It has great photos and information for the many among us who enjoy learning more about our feathered friends.

As of Thursday, Feb. 22, spring is 26 days off. The countdown continues.