Boothbay Region YMCA announces renovation of main facility

Thu, 11/04/2021 - 8:45am

    Today the Boothbay Region YMCA announces moving forward with the renovation of the Main Facility on the Y’s Townsend Avenue campus. The project kicks-off a multi staged plan that includes future renovations
    to the Harbor Montessori School, the Y-Arts Annex, and Camp Knickerbocker.

    After two years of planning, the Board of Trustees voted to move forward with the Main Campus facility project in partnership with architects from The Knickerbocker Group and Wright-Ryan as construction manager. The project is the first major renovation of the Y’s Main Campus since 1990, and is expected to be complete in October 2022.

    “We are excited to renovate this part of our facility - it has been over thirty years since we have made significant investments to the main building,” said Andy Hamblett, executive director of the Boothbay Region YMCA. “Our last major project was the replacement of the Emery Family Pool in 2011. Our experienced volunteers on the Building Design Taskforce and Fundraising Committees have worked diligently to develop plans and have successfully raised 80% of the funds needed towards the main campus facility project, which we expect to be completed next fall.”

    As part of this phase and in preparation for the planned improvements to the Harbor Montessori School and the Y-Arts Annex, important sitework will be completed, including burying utilities and water lines for a sprinkler system, and improved traffic flow, parking, and walkways for safety. The Y’s goal is to renovate the Y-Arts Annex and the Harbor Montessori School while the contractors are on site and will receive final bids later this month. “Once we receive the final cost for improvements and have raised the necessary funds, we are committed to moving forward with the next phase of this project,” said Hamblett. The projects are staged so that programs in the Y-Arts Annex, the Harbor Montessori School, and Camp K can utilize the new spaces in the main facility while those buildings are under construction.

    Community Connection and Impact

    Highlights of the Y’s much-needed main facility renovation include remodeling of the health and wellness areas, expanding community spaces, modernizing the electrical and mechanical systems in the building for greater
    energy efficiency, and much-needed improvements to the parking area. A notable addition is installing new HVAC systems to improve air quality throughout the facility. Other features include a new multi-purpose studio for expanded wellness programming and a teaching kitchen to integrate the FARMs at the Y Program in order to continue addressing nutrition and food insecurity in the region. Several light-filled, multi-purpose, intergenerational community spaces have been designed to serve as areas for morning coffee groups, after-school activities, socializing, and to utilize the Y’s WiFi. In addition, plans include the installation of a full array of
    solar panels on the Marylouise Tandy Cowan Fieldhouse, which will reduce operational costs, and a resurfaced track.

    “Our first goal is to serve the needs of our members and the greater community,” said Board President Charlie Britton. “While the Y is already a great place to work out and serves as a community hub, our planned improvements will benefit everyone’s experience and greatly enhance program offerings. The Y will be more energy efficient and sustainable. Being socially responsible is a significant part of our mission.”

    Renovation Schedule

    Wright-Ryan engineers will be on-site in late November to begin planning and staging, with demolition scheduled to begin in January 2022, and completion expected in fall 2022. During the renovation, the Y will reapportion spaces unaffected by construction to allow members to continue to enjoy all current programs including the ability to work out, swim, and play racquet sports (tennis, pickleball, racquetball and squash). The renovations will require temporary entrances and workout spaces, and members will get frequent updates on the staging plan through weekly newsletters, the Y’s website, and social media. The Y recognizes that the renovation of the Main Campus facility will cause some disruptions to normal routines, and would like to thank the entire community for their patience in advance.

    “All of the projects have been carefully planned and will allow the Y to have an impact on the ever-changing needs of our community,” said Hamblett, who has been the Boothbay Region YMCA’s executive director since 2002. “We will continue to communicate our progress and provide timely updates to ensure that everyone’s experience during our transition is as seamless as possible.”

    Project Cost and Fundraising

    With the present realities of escalating construction costs and 80 percent ofthe funds raised for the Main Campus renovation project, the Y has chosen to move forward in the most fiscally strategic way. “Our goal is to continue to be financially responsible and ensure that our donors’ investments will be utilized in a practical plan that we execute before prices continue to rise,” said Britton.

    The total project cost for the Main Campus facility renovation project is $6.2 million. In addition to 100% of the Y’s Board of Trustees participating in the campaign, 113 major donors have come forward thus far. Donors have supported renovations to the Main Campus facility, an initial capital project at Camp Knickerbocker, and the planned renovations to the Harbor Montessori School, YArts Annex, and the McEvoy Lodge, along with providing funds for the endowment and unrestricted gifts.

    “We will continue to reach out to the community for additional support of this transformational project as well as for the other important planned renovations,” said Allyson Goodwin, director of development. “Early donors have responded enthusiastically to our fundraising campaign and we are encouraged by the conversations we are having with prospective donors. We look forward to working with the community as our projects progress.”

    Information and updates can be found on the Y’s website, in the lobby, in weekly member newsletters, and the Boothbay Register.

    Founded in 1955, the Boothbay Region YMCA serves as a collaborative leader supporting people of all ages to learn, thrive, and strengthen our community.