From the Editor

Busy season

Posted:  Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 8:00am

Oh my! It’s Christmastime!

Here comes the busiest time of the year for many folks. There’s the shopping, decorating, getting and putting up the tree, wrapping gifts, going to events and parties, cooking and more. Let’s hope any snow doesn’t slow things down before the big day. Shopping is easier these days with online ordering of gifts, though I have never done it. My wife handles that job. She leaves me to help with the decorating, putting up the tree, wrapping the gifts and we both go to events and parties. She also handles the cooking — I can handle the grill but if there’s any baking to do, she is the one that makes it come out right.

Like many people, we have the same old tree decorations. We did purchase a new tree topper a couple of years back – but only out of necessity because the decade-old one broke. Same with the outdoor lights. We’ve downsized since the kids have grown, but maybe one of these years we’ll plan ahead and get those discounted lights after Christmas. The Festival of Lights has made me want to get a little more festive with our light display.

Hope you have your Christmastime plan together and enjoy all the festivities in the coming weeks. Me? I’ll probably get to my outdoor lights by mid-December with everything else that is going on!


P.S. I’ve been on vacation since Thanksgiving and thankfully the weather has cooperated and I’m getting my outside fall (leaves!) and storm (limbs!) cleaning done!